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Abnormal Bleeding Heart Murmur Taken Fen-Phen
Alcohol Abuse Heart Surgery Thyroid Problems
Anemia Hemophilia Tuberculosis
Arthritis Hepatitis A Ulcers
Artificial Heart Valve Hepatitis B Venereal Disease
Artificial Joints High Blood Pressure Yellow Jaundice
Asthma Kidney Problems Blood Transfusion
Liver Disease Bruise Easily Low Blood Pressure
Cancer-Chemotherapy Mitral Valve Prolapse Colitis
Night Sweats Diabetes Pace Maker
Difficulty Breathing Pain in Jaw Joints Drug Abuse
Pneumocystitis Emphysema Pre-Med Required
Epilepsy Psychiatric Problems Fainting Spells
Radiation Therapy Fever Blisters Rheumatic Fever
Frequent Headaches Seizures Glaucoma
Sickle Cell Disease HIV+ AIDS Sinus Problems
Heart Attack Stroke  
Aspirin Codeine Dental Anesthetics
Erythromycin Jewelry Latex
Metals Penicillin Tetracycline
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Do you want to keep your remaining teeth? Y N
Do you ever have clicking, popping or discomfort in the jaw joint? Do you brux or grind? Y N
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